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Will Former Arizona Cardinal Max Hall Find Another Job In The NFL?

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Max Hall was officially placed on the waived-injured list yesterday when he dislocated his left shoulder during practice last Monday. During Hall's 2010 campaign, he was hit with the same injury bug and was forced to sit out the last few games of the season because of it.

The former Brigham Young University quarterback hasn't had a lot of success during his limited time in the NFL, but could any teams have interest in him?

First of all, I am writing this under the assumption that Max Hall will receive an injury settlement and no longer be under contract with the Arizona Cardinals. Richard Bartel was winning the battle for the third string position, so Hall probably would not have made it out of the preseason anyways.

Mad Max played in six games last season with the Cardinals, starting in three of them. After winning against the New Orleans Saints, many felt that he was going to start the rest of the year given the train wreck that was Derek Anderson. John Skelton was another option, but coach Ken Whisenhunt did not want to play such a raw talent that could be used in the future.

Admittedly, Hall did little during that Saints game to make anyone think he was a great player. He is undersized for the quarterback position, he lacks the ability to read the defense and he does not have the arm to drive the ball to every position on the field.

The one thing that Hall did have was moxie. The guy was always seen as having a fiery and competitive nature that was contagious. Unfortunately for him, that is not enough to win in the National Football League.

Hall completed only 50% of his passes and had a quarterback rating of 35.7 last season. During his time under center, Hall only threw for one touchdown, but he also threw six interceptions.

The question I ended up asking myself was: will Max Hall ever play in the NFL again? I think the most most likely bet would be him being in a Cardinals uniform. If one of Arizona's quarterbacks were to get injured during the season (knocks on wood), Hall would be an excellent candidate to replace the wounded player. He knows the playbook and the team, so the fit is there.

As far as another team goes, I am not so sure. Hall would definitely benefit from a job in either the UFL or the CFL. Another league would give him some time to practice and improve his quarterback skills while not having to deal with a level of competition that is so high. After that, he could try and make a comeback, which is not out of the question.

If a team lost one of their quarterbacks for any period of time, they know that Max Hall brings in a level of experience that many quarterbacks do not have. He started three games in the NFL, that has to count for something.

Wherever Hall goes, we wish him the best of luck.