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Arizona Cardinals Video(s) Of The Day: Larry Fitzgerald On SportScience

For this weeks video of the day, lets take a look at the man with the $120 million dollar hands. Larry Fitzgerald just got his huge new contract extension, and throughout the preseason and training camp he has been making amazing catches that remind all of us how great he really is. As if catching 90 passes for over 1,100 yards last season with one of the worst Quarterback situations in the entire NFL didn't do that for you already.

In these two videos, we will get a look at some of what Larry Fitzgerald has done for the show SportScience. The first one shows them testing his range by having him catch passes one handed in all sorts of different directions around his body. The second one shows him catching passes while he is upside down.

He catches everything.

Sports Science: NFL Superstar Larry Fitzgerald (via rockboy1138)

Larry Fitzgerald catches balls while hanging upside down and has 2x the average reaction time (via ESPN)