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Announcement: Arizona Birdgang Podcast Joins ROTB To Bring Even More Cardinals Coverage

ROTB AZ Birdgang
ROTB AZ Birdgang

I happen to think that ROTB is a pretty awesome site, and certainly not because of my contributions. It is an awesome platform that allows fans to write about the team they love. The technology is great and the community that is already here is solid.

However, since I took over at the end of February, there was one feature that I have always thought was missing. That would be an Arizona Cardinals podcast. But this is no more as we now have an Arizona Cardinals podcast.

I personally have cohosted a weekly podcast for a national audience (it was not a large one), but I left to take over here. And while I was a part of the show, I was not the guy with the equipment.

It turns out that there was a dedicated Arizona Cardinals podcast, known previously as "Mario and a Cup of Joe." They are the only one I have come across. Mario and Joe started the show back during the lockout plagued offeseason. Recently they changed the name to the "Arizona Birdgang Podcast." I listened to a couple of shows and heard what I needed to -- they were going to do a podcast better than what I could manage to get together in my limited time.

So what was the logical thing to do? Bring them on!

You may or may not have noticed that on the left sidebar of the front page there is a media player embedded. That is the podcast.

Mario and Joe (NewMario2010 and Zoopaloop) now will write and do their show here. After all, where better to showcase an Arizona Cardinals podcast than at the biggest Cardinals community?

You will start to see posts written by them and show episodes recorded by them.

I hope you can welcome with open arms these new contributors. Listen to the older shows. You can the show on iTunes and through Sticher. You are going to see them on the site a lot.

Looking forward, we have big plans for the site. With goals and plans of hopefully getting media access as soon as next season, we hope to be able to find the balance of being able to break news with information we get and remaining the fan-centric community that we are and should continue to be.