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Don't Be Too Concerned About Patrick Peterson's Play Yet

As training camp and the preseason has progressed, there have been some that have been a little concerned about the play of rookie cornerback Patrick Peterson. In fact, while I have not read or heard it yet, it has been suggested by some that defensive coordinator Ray Horton is not pleased with the first-rounder. Peterson was, after all, a big reason for the team being willing to trade Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie in order to acquire starting QB Kevin Kolb.

Sure, he has not yet made an impact, but after Mike Jurecki revealed via Twitter, I think some patience is in order.

Jurecki shared a tweet that said that Peterson "is making a lot of mistakes." That might worry many people, but Jurecki's tweet also revealed that Peterson is also learning four positions in a defense that is new to the whole team.

So far, he has been working the LCB and RCB positions and inside as a nickel/dime corner. There have also some packages that have him involved at safety. Oh. and he also returns punts, but, as Jurecki says, "he looks natural doing it."

Going into the draft there was one concern about Peterson and that was the mental part. He reportedly scored horrifically low on the Wonderlic, which cause many to have concern for his ability to learn schemes, packages, coverages and recognize adjustments made by opposing offenses.

But I don't pay much attention to that, nor does it concern me. If the Cardinals thought that the book learning and mental side of playing defense was going to be a huge issue, they certainly would not be asking him to learn so many positions. They would focus on one and work him there until he is set before adding other things. 

Jurecki was clear in his tweet to mention that the team "needs him (Peterson) this year." While this is certainly true, with the emergence of A.J. Jefferson in camp and the acquisition of Richard Marshall, combined with Greg Toler already anchoring one side, we need not place unnecessary pressure on him to be a superstar this year. 

Peterson will make his mark at some point this year. Let us sit back and get ready for when it happens.