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The Benefits Of Being Second Team For The Arizona Cardinals

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During this preseason several of us have been wondering why some of our up-and-coming players and free agents for the Arizona Cardinals haven't been playing with the first team, especially in the areas that lacked production last season. Guys like Stewart Bradley, O'Brien Schofield, Richard Marshall and even Duece Lutui have only seen second team duty thus far this preseason.

Some of this can definitely be attributed to Ken Whisenhunt's mantra of competing for your job. But when players like Paris Lenon and Clark Haggans have looked mediocre on the field, many of us are questioning how long must one compete for the starting job before earning it?

After listening to the Big Red Rage, our often eccentric and comedic color commentator Ron Wolfley gave an enlightening reason for why we haven't seen this is...

It was a simple reason: reps. Second team players in the first two preseason games get more reps. So players like Marshall, Schofield, Lutui, Bradley and others have spent more time on the field playing in Ray Horton's defense than many of our veteran players.

This added experience is very important to new players trying to get acquainted with the system, the team and the routine. While of course this isn't the only reason, it is something we have seen before. Such as last season when Deuce was second team all preseason but eventually started the first game. 

Is the man who dubbed Larry Fitzgerald the "Japanese Fighting Fish" right, or is there more to it?