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Arizona Birdgang Podcast: Welcome To ROTB, Fitzgerald's Contract, Max Hall, Brodie Croyle And Running Backs

ROTB AZ Birdgang
ROTB AZ Birdgang

Today we bring you the inaugural Arizona Birdgang podcast episode at its new home here at Revenge of the Birds. Mario and Joe introduce themselves as they bring us the only dedicated Arizona Cardinals podcast not done by the actual team. 

You all will get a kick out of the intro sequence. Today's episode has a few topics we are familiar with.

Mario and Joe talk about the move to ROTB and how it happened really pretty quickly. 

They discuss Larry Fitzgerald's new deal. Was it too much money? Or is it simply what the Cardinals had to do?

Max Hall's time is done in Arizona. Mario and Joe make a comparison that we all can understand.

Who is Brodie Croyle and what does he bring to the table?

What about the running back position? Why has no move been made and who might the team be waiting for?

Use the player below to hear the show. Also, as always, you can see the player widget on the left sidebar of the front page.

If you are reading from your mobile phone, you can use this link that will take you directly to the audio file. You also can subscribe on iTunes or use the Stitcher radio app to listen as well.