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Larry Fitzgerald Is Excited About The Arizona Cardinals, You Should Be, Too

A fired up Fitz is a very, very good sign for the season.  (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
A fired up Fitz is a very, very good sign for the season. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
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There is some excitement around the Arizona Cardinals so far this offseason and preseason. There is good reason to be. After the end of the NFL lockout, the Cardinals front office was very aggressive about adding players they felt were going to make an impact in areas of need. 

They traded for and signed Kevin Kolb long-term. They signed Larry Fizgerald to a new contract before he became a free agent. They added Stewart Bradley, Richard Marshall, Jeff King and Todd Heap

Additionally, their draft class has a huge amount of potential. Patrick Peterson was seen by many as the best player in the draft. Ryan Williams has been viewed as perhaps the best running back. Robert Housler was viewed by some as one of the top two or three tight ends in the draft. Anthony Sherman may be the best special teams player in the draft. Sam Acho and Quan Sturdivant were seen as great value picks. 

The Cardinals play in a division that is not considered to be strong. 

Enter Larry Fitzgerald

If you watched the game on Saturday, you saw that he was jacked up. He was fired up after making his first catch. He celebrated even more when he scored on his 80-yard touchdown reception. When Patrick Peterson picked off Phillip Rivers and took it to the end zone, Fitz celebrated like it was the regular season.

These are the signs of a guy who is excited about his team. 

Why shouldn't he be? He's got a pocket full of cash, the quarterback he wanted and confidence in what the team is gong to do. 

A year ago, Fitz was always diplomatic about what he said regarding Matt Leinart and Derek Anderson. This year, it is less of the canned, careful answers and more of the type that reveal that he is truly happy.

Yes, it is early, but this team is genuinely excited for the season. But if Larry Fitzgerald is fired up, why in the world wouldn't we be?

After all, he would be the one to know. He has been on bad teams and the good ones.