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Arizona Cardinals Training Camp Open Thread And Live Tweets: Wednesday Morning

It is the last morning for me in lovely (but slightly rainy) Flagstaff, and since I will not be here to attend the afternoon workout, I will tweet what is going on during the morning walkthrough. Since I got up here, the weather in the morning has not been an issue, so I do not foresee that this will be moved inside, and thus hidden from the public.

Unfortunately, I will be leaving before any of the players with new contracts get to practice. So if there are any of you planning on being up here the rest of the week and use Twitter and would be willing to tweet practice updates while you are there, let me know. Hit the jump for the list of tweets.

Don't forget to check out the training camp schedule

If by chance you have any questions for me while I am there, send me a tweet (@senorjessroot).