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NFL Free Agency: Should The Arizona Cardinals Sign Braylon Edwards (Reader Poll)

I know it has been discussed for a few days, but even still, it is time to put the debate to a vote and see what the Redbird Nation is saying about Braylon Edwards. The rumors have been that the Cardinals have been talking to Edwards about the possibility of adding him to a rather unproven receiving corp other than Larry Fitzgerald.

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Edwards is immensely talented and can stretch the field. In the past three seasons, he has two 800+ yard seasons and a 1000+ yard season.

He has a reputation for dropping the ball, and it is warranted. In 2008, he dropped 19 passes (but that was in Cleveland and we know who the quarterback was then). That number has been cut to six and four in the two seasons that followed while playing for the New York Jets.

He has had some minor off-the-field incidents. One was driving drunk, getting into a minor accident and, more recently, his "entourage" getting involved in an incident in a bar that involved cutlery.

Reportedly, the Cards want to give him a one or a two-year deal, while he is seeking five years. At first the demands were in the range of $10 million per year, but since has gone down to five years, $25 million.

To keep that in perspective, Steve Breaston, who will be Edwards' age in a couple of weeks (28), got five years, $25 million. Now I am a HUGE Breaston fan, but I don't know of anyone who could say that Edwards isn't the better receiver.

I understand that the Cardinals would not like to go long term, especially since they believe in the future of Andre Roberts and Early Doucet. But would a five-year deal be that bad? He would do very well opposite Fitzgerald and with Todd Heap in the middle. He would put up very good numbers. I don't see how he would not. He would make the Arizona offense scary dangerous.

If the team is still on board with their younger players, who wouldn't make a move to bring Edwards in after a productive year. You get a draft pick or some other need filled and you still have the younger guys.

I'm okay with Edwards long term. Short term would be better, but if the team is serious about getting better, he is a much better choice than Roberts, Doucet or any of the other talented young receivers on the roster currently.