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Joey Porter Wants To Be An Arizona Cardinal Regardless Of His Salary

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In the midst of all of these free agent signings and camp frenzy, the Arizona Cardinals have made some low key moves that could end up paying dividends. One of these moves was made when the front office presented outside linebacker Joey Porter with a choice: take a pay cut or get cut. 

Being that Porter is now 34 years old and not looking to test free agency after only one year in the desert, he decided to accept the ultimatum issued by the Cardinals to remain with the team. 

Joey Porter was scheduled to make around $5.75 million dollars on the second year of his three-year deal before agreeing to a salary demotion. Kent Somers talked with Porter, who had this to say:

"Early in my career, I probably would have been mad about it," Porter said. "You get five sacks, they don't really want to pay you $5.7 million base the next year. You have to be smart enough to understand that."    

Obviously the aging pass rusher has gained some maturity during his time in the National Football League, but he also understands the complications of having to transplant yourself and your family year in and year out. According to the report from Somers, Porter never even considered leaving and he knew he would be asked to take less money. Arizona is where he wants to be.      

For Porter, staying in Arizona just makes sense. We all know about the abundance of players and coaches that come from the Steelers organization, including Porter himself. Also, Ray Horton, the new defensive coordinator for Arizona, looks to bring in his expertise and defensive prowess in an attempt to help the Cardinals regain the NFC West crown. He comes from the Pittsburgh organization as well and is looking to enforce some schemes that he learned during his time there. Porter believes that he already knows that system, so learning it and executing it should be second nature to him.  

It has also been speculated that O'Brien Schofield will look to take the starting role from the aging Porter. Less snaps could mean more production for the former star linebacker. 

With new players coming in through the draft and free agency and some new coaching philosophies being implemented, this team has some plans to do great things. It looks like Porter wants to be a part of them.