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Arizona Cardinals Roster Moves: Looking For The Right Running Back To Add

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As NFL news and rumors go, especially with the Internet and Twitter, information gets disseminated fast. At teh same  time, because it gets going so quickly, it isn't always what is the truth. That is how things go with the new media. We share what is out there and then share if the story changed.

Such was the case yesterday with the rumor about Chester Taylor about to be cut by the Chicago Bears. We posted that he woudl be a good fit for the Arizona Cardinals, based on their running back situation. It turns out that with new information, due to the calf injury of Marion Barber, Taylor will be sticking around in Chicago, at least for now.

However, while he is not available (for now), he still is a fit (if the ability is still there. In fact, one of the commenters summed up exactly what the Cardinals should be looking for in a running back.

Hadrarius posted this as a comment:

The biggest thing with bringing in a vet is finding someone who can pass protect. That veteran is probably not going to slide down to the #4 spot. If it's just a special teamer they are looking for they already have Anthony Sherman and could keep both he and Reagan Maui'a at fullback. In light of this, Powell is a wasted roster spot.

I happen to share the same thoughts. If they bring a guy in, it really should be a guy who can pass protect and catch the ball -- a la Jason Wright. The team should roll with Alfonso Smith as the other guy to relieve Beanie Wells for carries.

If they can't find that guy, the Cardinals really ought to just keep both Sherman and Maui'a to fill that role. Sherman can block and can catch the ball. He viably could stand in as the single back in passing downs.

What player that comes available could fill that role? That I don't know right now.

However, to pick up another back that can only do what Beanie and Alfonso already do is just redundant.

Thank you, Hadrarius, for your wise words. I really can say nothing better on the subject.

Does anyone have other thoughts?