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CBA Agreement Reached: Kevin Kolb, Others Can Now Practice

The lockout has been over for a while now and teams have begun practices in training camp. However, part of the new agreement included a clause that required that any veteran player that signs, extends or restructures a contract must wait to practice with their teams until August 4, the goal to have the final pieces of the CBA agreed upon. 

It took longer than hoped, but the final details of the new CBA were approved.

This means that the more than 20 players that the Arizona Cardinals had sitting on the sidelines during practices will not be able to join the others. These players include Kevin Kolb, Todd Heap, Deuce Lutui, Joey Porter, Michael Adams and others. 

These players have lost almost a week of work and obviously have a lot of catching up to do, as the Cardinals have their first preseason game next week. 

Naturally all the teams in the league have the same issue. Notwithstanding, the fans will be waiting to see the new additions in action. 

The one thing we don't want is for the quality of football to suffer. Hopefully these players will acclimate quickly and get the job done like we would expect them to.