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Vegas Odds Have Arizona Cardinals Last In NFC West

Getty Images for IndyCar

With the new football season beginning, the Las Vegas MGM sportsbook released the over/under lines for win totals for each NFL team. There are a few surprises, but one trend is that teams that had uncertainty at quarterback were given low lines (for the most part). 

The Arizona Cardinals were not treated well, and a couple of teams were given surprisingly high lines. 

The Cardinals, according to the line, are the most likely to have the least amount of wins. Their over/under is set at six. Both the Seattle Seahawks and St. Louis Rams are set at seven and the San Francisco 49ers have the highest line with eight.

Perhaps the most surprising line is the one for the Cincinnati Bengals. They have their line at 7.5. Considering Carson Palmer will not return, Chad Ochocinco is now a Patriot and the team looks terrible overall. 

With how things are looking in the division, there is one sure bet -- take the under with the Niners. They are losing defensive starters right and left and they have Alex Smith as their starting quarterback. 

I feel real confident in the over for Arizona. Even after one practice, the Kevin Kolb lovefest has begun, even with his teammates. 

But if you are looking for easy money, take the under for the Bengals and 49ers. 

What do you say? Would you put money either way on the Cards? I actually think I would on the over.