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Arizona Cardinals Rookie Ryan Williams Making Strong Impression With Fans

A while back during the lockout, the question was posed whether or not you were concerned that the Cardinals' draft picks were not around working out with their soon to be teammates, with the exception of Sam Acho. In a Twitter conversation that same day, the consensus was that there was some concern, especially because of what some were posting on Twitter.

One particular player that was noticed was rookie Ryan Williams, whose tweets in the offseason were about getting tattoos and other stiff that was hard to understand. I don't know among the masses, but these types of tweets bothered a few fans with whom I had conversations.

Well, it turns out that Williams is a little bit more than just his tweets. Once reporting to camp after getting his contract signed, he has shown a little more than what was portrayed. 

A guy that looked a little "thuggish" on Twitter now is showing himself to be a really nice guy. 

I got the impression that he was more than that in a few of the back and forth tweets I have had with him. He seems to have his head on straight, so to say.

There were two tweets in particular that won me over and one got him a little attention.

One was a response to me. You may know I had my two sons with me in Flagstaff for camp and I got them a football to be signed. They scored a ton of autographs, including Williams. I made it a point to thank the players for their time they took with the fans or on Twitter if they were on there. I thanked Williams and got a response, one that you might expect from a player, but showed he knows what it is about.

@senorjessroot no prob my man...its nothing to take 10-15 mins out your time u knwless than a minute ago via Plume   Favorite Retweet Reply


The other tweet was this:

I wud like to say thank u so much to the lady who brought me a pillow to practice today...that meant so much to me...#lovecardsfansless than a minute ago via Plume   Favorite Retweet Reply



Say what you want about the stuff he has tweeted before, the kid gets it. He feels the love the fans have for him and is willing to take a minute to make then feel good. 

So watch out, not only for his play on the field, but also note how he interacts with the fans. 

I, for one, am glad to see this side of the players on the team I root for.