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NFL Free Agency: Should The Arizona Cardinals Contact Randy Moss?

The Arizona Cardinals have reportedly been looking to improve the number two receiver position on the team. Steve Breaston left to the Kansas City Chiefs. A year ago, Anquan Boldin was traded to the Baltimore Ravens. The coaching staff feels pretty good about Andre Roberts and Early Doucet, but that did not stop the team from trying to acquire Braylon Edwards and Malcolm Floyd.

They lost out on both of those players, but there is one other name that was suggested on local radio by Kurt Warner. As a guest on KTAR, Warner suggested that the Cardinals should contact Randy Moss about coming out of retirement.

"I still think there's something in the tank for Randy," Warner said. "The one thing that you know is he has a great relationship with Larry Fitzgerald, that could be a huge plus coming to this organization."

I don't think so. Yes, two seasons ago he was still fantastic and he may still be a viable deep threat, but three teams gave up in him last season.

A motivated Moss would be wonderful. But no one knows what Moss would show up? Would it be the guy to be a scoring machine or the one that insults a very well respected caterer?

Ken Whisenhunt also does not seem like the type to put up with the extra stuff Moss can bring. He is certainly no T.O., but he would likely not be the answer the Cards seek.

At the end of the day, even though Andre Roberts is unproven, with Larry Fitzgerald and Todd Heap on the same field, he will do fine. And as Kent Somers has said, the team is looking to improve, but it won't be the end of the world because they feel good about Roberts and Early Doucet.

I was all for going for Braylon Edward. I like Floyd. I don't like Moss. Am I wrong?