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Former Arizona Cardinals TE Ben Patrick Retires From The NFL

It was just last Friday when we learned that Ben Patrick would not be returning to the Arizona Cardinals, having signed a contract with the New York Giants. He was expected to be a solid number two guy behind Kevin Boss if he were to return to the G-men or compete to start if Boss left.

Boss did end up leaving, signing with the Oakland Raiders. But on Saturday he announced that, at age 26, he was retiring from football.

The retirement puts the Giants in a bit of a bind at his position. They only have four tight ends left on the roster in camp, of which only two have caught a pass in the NFL. 

Regardless of how it affects the Giants, it appears to me that we now know a little more about Patrick and why he did not develop into a top flight player at his position. 

He had the size, the build and even the ability. 

This retirement doesn't seem to be the same as, for example, Jason Wright, who had a plan of doing things moving forward other than football. It seems he was just tired or something. 

Based on his walking away abruptly from the game, I think we now know why he did not become what was hoped we would . 

He just didn't have enough heart to be a successful player in the NFL, for whatever reason.