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Non-Surgical Rehab Possible For Wilson

During yesterdays Red and White scrimmage in Flagstaff, Cardinals Pro Bowl Safety Adrian Wilson suffered a bicep/elbow injury that could end his season.

Now, it looks like the injury might not be as bad as once feared, and it is possible that Wilson could rehab from the injury without surgery and still be able to play for most of the season.

Here is the tweet from Cardinals sideline analyst Paul Calvisi.

@PaulCalvisi: Adrian Wilson Update: Multiple sources tell me non-surgical option exists where AW could rehab & still play most of season. Wait til tmrw

Now, the Cardinals are still waiting for the MRI results that will come in tomorrow to see how serious the injury is. But the hope is that the injury is not as bad as it was feared to be yesterday, and that A-Dub will be able to rehab fast enough to only miss a short portion of the season. Hopefully, he is able to only miss a short part of the season because his leadership and playmaking ability is huge for the Cardinals, and they don't have anyone who can fill his shoes. Right now the Cards are working on re-signing Matt Ware and Rashad Johnson is taking Wilson's place in practice. Another free agency acquisition or a trade is possible.

Fellow RotB-er b0rd3rline also posted this comment on the injury that helps provide a little more optimism.

Based on the fact that A-dub injured his bicep/elbow in drills, and not in high intensity contact, makes me believe that he simply pulled the muscle (partial tear). The biceps muscle is a very strong muscle (especially when looking at someone like A-dub), and would be very difficult to completely tear unless it happened with the muscle at maximum tension in a high impact moment. Calvisi’s tweet would lead me to believe that it is simply a pulled muscle, and can be rehabbed. Based on my professional opinion (i’m a physical therapist), I’d probably say 4-6 weeks, 8 weeks being the long estimate.