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NFL Preseason Week 4: Arizona Cardinals/Denver Broncos Open Thread (Cont)

As we enter the second half of the final Preseason game the Cardinals have been dominating the Denver Broncos getting out to a 20-0 lead. Richard Bartel has played well after getting most of the snaps in the first half. Meanwhile Brady Quinn who got the start for Denver has played poorly to say the least. Hopefully we get some Tebow Time in the second half to keep the game interesting.

The game began at 7PM Arizona time. It is being aired on ABC-15 in the greater Phoenix area.

Whether or not you can watch the game, stick around with us here on the open thread and talk Cardinals. 

As a reminder, while the language expectations are loosened, the following still applies:


  • Do not attack, insult, or call people names. We are a respectful community.
  • If someone posts a comment you like. for any reason, "rec" it using the action option. People like to see their comments "go green." It also serves to highlight the best or favorite comments, which in turn will allow Joe to put together a post in which we get to read all the best comments in one spot. 
Other than that, have at it. Comment away and enjoy the rest of the game!