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Fantasy Football Implications For Cardinals/Panthers

Since a lot of us are fantasy football junkies, we want to know who to watch for. With the Arizona Cardinals playing the Carolina Panthers, pay attention to who might be set to put up some fantasy numbers. Obviously, we already all have our rosters set, but it is still worth it to pay attention.

Hit the jump to see who I would keep an eye on for fantasy points.

Arizona Cardinals defense

I would almost never call upon the Cardinals for defense points. However, this week is as good a times as ever. They are a team that can get turnovers, as evidenced a year ago in a couple of games. What is more important is the fact that Cam Newton is starting for the first time. The Panthers likely will not score a lot of points and it should  not be surprising to see at least a couple of turnovers.

Beanie Wells

Wells is all set to have a huge season if he can stay healthy. Today's game against the Panthers should be a good start. The Panthers will be starting a pair of rookies at defensive tackle, and neither of these players were considered blue-chippers. The Carolina defense is not expected to be great. If you are ever to start Beanie, it would not have been a bad idea to use him.

 Larry Fitgerald

Is there any doubt why? He's the best receiver in the league. If you have him, you start him

DeAngelo Williams

Williams is one of the very good running backs in the NFL these days. The Cardinals struggled against the run last season. That combo could be deadline.

Greg Olsen or Jeremy Shockey

During the preseason, Cam Newton threw a lot to his tight ends. The Cardinals seem to always find it difficult covering tight ends. The Panthers have two quality players at that position.