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Arizona Cardinals/Carolina Panthers Inactive List: Derek Anderson Is Backup, Chester Taylor Not Playing

As we approach kickoff time for the Week 1 matchup between the Arizona Cardinals and the Carolina Panthers, the inactive lists have been released, and there are a couple of mild surprises for both teams.

The inactives for the Cardinals are: 

  • QB John Skelton
  • WR Stephen Williams
  • CB Mike Adams
  • RB Chester Taylor
  • CB Korey Lindsey
  • G/T D'Anthony Batiste
  • TE Jim Dray

Skelton, Adams and Dray have been recovering from injuries, so their inactivity is no surprise. Taylor's being on the list is a little more surprising, but shouldn't be. He has only had three practices with the team. Alfonso Smith would be more valuable this week. That may change in the weeks to come, but it will depend on how Smith does today and the practices that are forthcoming.

With Stephen Williams inactive, Kent Somers commented that it is because the team needs special teams help from their fifth receiver. DeMarco Sampson provides that, while Williams does not. 

For the Panthers, these players will be inactive:

  • QB Jimmy Clausen
  • CB Josh Thomas
  • FB Jerome Felton
  • LB Jason Williams
  • T Lee Ziemba
  • WR Kealoha Pilares

The biggest news here is that Derek Anderson is Cam Newton's backup. How fun would that be if Newton had to come out of the game and Anderson were to play? 

A notable absence from the inactive list is linebacker Jon Beason. That means he is going to give it a go. 

Gametime is approaching. Are you ready?