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Cardinal Of The Week: Week One

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Welcome to the Cardinal of the Week poll for week one of the regular season. Although the Cardinals struggled for part of the game, especially in Pass Defense where they looked like the 2010 Houston Texans against Cam Newton, a few players stepped up in big moments to help the Cardinals get the 28-21 win over the Panthers.

As for last weeks poll, Richard Bartel won easily getting 64% of the 145 votes that were cast.

Kevin Kolb - 18 of 27, 309 yards, 2 TDs

In Kolbs first regular season game as a Cardinal he looked sharp and gave us the kind of passing performance that was missing since Kurt Warner retired. He showed some good mobility, which with how poor pass protection was for part of the game will be very important for him. He also made good plays against the blitz, such as the 70 yard Touchdown to Early Doucet. He also spread the ball around well completing passes to eight different Cardinals.

Beanie Wells - 18 carries, 90 yards, TD

The Cardinals need to have a big year for Beanie, and if this is a sign of things to come then things are looking good for Beanie. He ran hard, he looked okay in pass protection, and overall he looked like the Beanie from 2009. Beanie could have had a bigger game if the Cardinals didn't fail to score on some of their redzone trips too. He did have a fumble inside the Panthers 10 yard line that the Cardinals lost, but Kolb also took the blame for that after the game by saying it was a bad pitch that was too low.

Patrick Peterson - 5 tackles, punt return TD

Not really a great debut for Peterson as a cornerback, but what gets Peterson on this list was a play he made as a punt returner. With the game tied in the middle of the fourth quarter, Peterson exploded through the Panthers coverage team for an 89 yard score. That wound up being the game winning touchdown, and hopefully the first of many big returns for Peterson.

Daryl Washington - 7 tackles, sack, interception

Some people had Washington pegged as a breakout player for the Cardinals defense this season, and he certainly looked like that today. He showed his speed making plays sideline to sideline, he was able to get a sack on Cam Newton, and he showed some good ball skills making an Interception that allowed the Cardinals to tie the game at 14 in the third quarter. He also had another Interception late in the second quarter but it was taken away by a very questionable roughing the passer call that allowed the Panthers to extend their drive and score to make it a 14-7 game. Washington also had a calf injury in the second half, but hopefully it isn't serious.

Some people who were also considered for the poll were Paris Lenon, the run defense, and Early Doucet.

CotW Winners Wins
A.J. Jefferson 1
Darnell Dockett 1
Patrick Peterson 1
Richard Bartel 1