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Kevin Kolb Talks About Leaving The Pocket, New System, Offensive Weapons

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After the Arizona Cardinals defeated the Carolina Panthers 28-21 on Sunday and Cam Newton put up a rookie debut performance unlike any other one ever seen, almost lost in everything was the performance of Kevin Kolb, who threw for over 300 yards himself. 

He wasn't completely ignored by the national media, though. He was on the Scott Van Pelt show and talked about his performance and his hopes for the season with the Cardinals.

Among a few of the things that he talked about, one was his mobility. I know that more than one of the community members had an issue with his willingness to leave the pocket as quickly as he did. In fact, it is partly by design and he makes sure that the teams practices it during the week. 

"We work on it in practice. When I first came here and when I was in Philly, I tried to implement that into 7-on-7 and team periods. A lot of guys just want to stop when the play breaks down in practice and, shoot, that's when big plays are made. ... I want to say that at Houston, under Art Briles, that's when he really taught me to understand that part of the game."

I guess we can expect more of that. And, at least from my perspective, is a good thing. The team has some solid veteran players on offense, so this will work to their advantage. I imagine we will see more than a couple of big plays this year coming from Kolb's moving the pocket. 

He still is not where he wants to be with the Cardinals' offensive system.

"It's a big challenge, it really is. If I said anything different, I'd be lying. The thing for me is every day is more beneficial - and every game and every situation. I'm just trying to put the notches in my belt and keep learning and getting better. I think the biggest thing is just never stop striving to get better."

This is one of the things that I like most about Kolb. Sure, everybody talks like that in the league. However, this is more than just Derek Anderson's putting his heart and soul into things or taking s--t serious. You can tell that Kolb is not satisfied with where he is. 

He also believes in the offensive talent on the team. This goes beyond Larry Fitzgerald. According to Kolb, the team has great players in the making. "Even though they may not be big names yet, it's coming and we look forward to putting up some big numbers," he said on the show. 

If he continues to distribute the ball the way he did against the Panthers (18 completed passes to eight different players), the talent will definitely have chances to shine. 

I know there are many who are not yet sold on Kolb, but I think we all have to be willing to admit that he certainly has the right makeup. He says the right things, he isn't afraid to take the fall for his teammates and he gets people fired up -- teammates and fans alike. 

Things are looking positive for the Arizona Cardinals offense.