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Fantasy Football: Which Arizona Cardinals Defensive Players Belong On Your Team?

Versatile players like Patrick Peterson are great in IDP leagues.
Versatile players like Patrick Peterson are great in IDP leagues.

Many of us here at Revenge of the Birds play in fantasy leagues across the web, allowing us to add even more competition and livelihood to the NFL fan experience. Some of you may even play in a league that requires you to not only draft offensive weapons, but also defensive players as well.

If you play in an Individual Defensive Player (IDP) league, then which Arizona Cardinals might be worth taking a look at if they are able to be had through free agency or the waiver wire?, the SB Nation site for all news regarding fantasy football, put together this piece on players that should be acquired for any person in an IDP league. After watching their week one performance, both Patrick Peterson and Daryl Washington are considered solid fantasy options for when the Cardinals visit the Redskins on Sunday. 

Not only is Patrick Peterson counted upon as a starting cornerback, but he is the punt returner for the team as well. If your league includes points for return yards, Peterson is an excellent option after seeing him score a touchdown off of a punt return against the Panthers. Also, Peterson is a constant threat to intercept the opposing quarterback at any given time. He was targeted often by Cam Newton and the Panthers offense, so the more the ball is thrown towards him, the higher the likelihood is that he'll wind up with a pick and possibly more points for your team. 

Daryl Washington is another solid option in case you are in need of a playmaking linebacker. Washington wrapped up last week's spectacular performance with an interception (should have been two), six tackles and a sack. Against the Redskins questionable offense, Washington could have another big game. However, I would not pick him up until it is confirmed that he will be on the field in D.C. on Sunday. Washington sustained a strained calf against the Panthers and has already been sitting out practice this week, so his eligibility for the next game is questionable. 

Both of these players are great fantasy options for your IDP league this week and even as the season wears on. Washington and Peterson are very young and as they mature throughout the season, look for them to be some of the best players available.