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Seeking Nominations For The Boldest Arizona Cardinals Fans

As the NFL season has started, a series we are looking to feature is that of the boldest fans. We want to find and present the boldest fans. Now, I will admit that I have gone only to a couple of Cardinals games in person so I am not familiar with the actual fans there and if there are particular fans or groups of that are well-known here, like the the Hogs, the Dawg Pound, etc.

Likewise, we are looking for nominations for the boldest fan on the blog here on ROTB.

I need help with both. Over the last several months that I have been in charge of the site, I have been able to get to know a few of you. I "comment" know a lot of you. But I have only been here a few months.

So here is the deal:

To tell us all about the "boldest fans" in general, post a comment nominating them and explaining why they are the boldest fans for the Cardinals.

For the boldest fan on the blog, please email me and give me your nominations, explaining your reason. In the end, I will pick one to feature or give a poll to vote with (still haven't decided). is the address to email me.

So help me out a bit to know who these bold fans are!