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Can Arizona Cardinals Expect A Big Game From Adrian Wilson?

The Thursday Arizona Cardinals practice report from SB Nation Arizona included a quote in the notes that stood out to me. It was from Ray Horton, who was commenting on safety Adrian Wilson. We know that he is playing with a bicep tendon tear. He played in Week 1 against the Carolina Panthers and was mostly unnoticed, which is definitely not how he normally plays. 

Ken Whisenhunt mentioned that Wilson looked rusty and like a player who had not practiced much. But this week is apparently different, according to his defensive coordinator Ray Horton.

Horton said:

"Wilson had a fantastic week of practice. He was phenomenal this week."

This is the first time I can remember specific and pointed praise for one particular player from Horton. Since practice details cannot be revealed, there is no way of knowing what it was exactly that he did that got Horton's attention this week, but as a fan this must be encouraging. 

What was lacking in the secondary last week was big plays on the defensive side. Wilson playing well will change that dynamic. 

He has his first game back under his belt and a full week of practice preparing for the Redskins

If we are to believe Horton, we can expect some really good things from number 24 on Sunday. 

In a word? AWESOME!