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Which Cardinals Made The 'Dream Team' For Their Week One Performances?

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Giving credit where credit is due in the NFL is becoming a rare thing nowadays. Media biases exist everywhere we look, so it's a great thing that we still have sites like Pro Football Focus to put it all in perspective for us. PFF just put out a list of their week one "dream team," compiling all of the players who excelled in week one of the 2011 season into one mega team. 

Within the list, two Cardinals names were mentioned and put on the 'All-PFF Team.' Hit the jump to find out which players they were and whether or not we are likely to see continued success from them. 

Our writers here at Revenge of the Birds have been praising Daryl Washington's play against the Carolina Panthers all week. Well, apparently we aren't the only ones. PFF put Washington and Lawrence Timmons as the two starting inside linebackers for their week one dream team. Washington came up with a sack, an interception and five tackles in his sophomore debut, so needless to say, he is off to a great start. 

I would expect nothing less than for him to keep improving as the season wears on. He is still very young and I do not expect his most recent strained calf injury to hold him out for very long. He should continue to put up big numbers and become a key cog in the Cardinals defense. 

The second player that made the dream team list was a bit of a shocker to me. One of the older members of the crew, Clark Haggans, really showed up in week one. Haggans only had one tackle, but according to PFF, he was able to rack up four pressures on Cam Newton. Granted, he was going up against the oft injured right tackle Jeff Otah, but it is still encouraging to see him do well. 

Haggans may not be a guy I would bank on for doing well the rest of the season. With age comes a decline in speed and overall effectiveness, so as the long season continues to play out, I would expect Haggans to maybe slow down a bit. This is where younger players like O'Brien Schofield and Sam Acho really get a chance to shine. 

What do you think of these guys being on the week one performance list, fans? Any other Cardinals that you feel should join Washington and Haggans?