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Fantasy Football: Which Players Will Come Up Big For The Cardinals/Redskins Game?

The Arizona Cardinals travel to Washington D.C. for week two of the NFL season to take on the Washington Redskins. While the game is a bit of a toss up as to who will win, we do know that there will be some players that put up big fantasy numbers this week. 

Last week, if you started Cam Newton, you likely won plenty of points and his performance alone could have helped you rise over your matchup. This week, I'll give you a few of the players I think could have big games on both sides of the ball and for both teams. 

Adrian Wilson

If you play in a league that requires you to draft defensive players (an IDP league) then you may want to consider adding Wilson to your roster this week. Many expect that he will put on a big show this weekend after stumbling out of the gates against Carolina. With Ray Horton's new defense bringing in a lot of players from the secondary to blitz, I wouldn't be shocked if A-Dub was able to get at least a sack and maybe even an interception in this game. 

Todd Heap

As Kevin Kolb continues to grow in the Cardinals offense, Todd Heap will continue to provide a bit of security for the new quarterback. Last week, New York Giants tight end, Jake Ballard, was able to catch two passes for 59 yards. The Cardinals will likely see more tight end production than that, so look for both Heap and Jeff King to get some receptions. 

Patrick Peterson

I've said it before and I'll say it again, if you have Patrick Peterson on your roster, you need to start him. Not only is he a threat to take an interception all the way back for six, but he is the team's starting punt returner and he can break loose for a special teams touchdown at any given moment. Also keep in mind that LaRod Stephens-Howling is questionable for this week's game, so Peterson may be the kick returner this week as well. 

Early Doucet

If teams continue to stack defenders on Larry Fitzgerald, other receivers will need to step up in his place. Early Doucet did just that against the Panthers, raking in three receptions for 105 yards last weekend. I would expect Washington to employ some of the same tactics in terms of covering Fitz, so both Doucet and Andre Roberts could have huge games. 

Rex Grossman

Cam Newton was able to light up the Cardinals defense for over 400 yards in his rookie debut. Grossman is nothing special, but with his veteran experience, he could have a big game against Arizona. Last week, Rex was able to pass for 305 yards and two touchdowns with no picks against the Giants. If the Cardinals can't rely on their corners to be in single man coverage on blitz plays, Grossman will pick apart their secondary. 

Fred Davis and Chris Cooley

As it has been well chronicled, the Cardinals struggle mightily against opposing tight ends. Jeremy Shockey and Greg Olsen had a combined 129 yards against the Cardinals last week, while Fred Davis and Chris Cooley had a combined 126 yards against the Giants. Unless the Cardinals found out a better way to keep these linebacker sized receivers from terrorizing them, Davis and Cooley could be great fantasy options for someone in need of a tight end. 

Ryan Kerrigan

The rookie linebacker from Purdue came up huge for the Redskins defense last week, stringing together an interception, one solo tackle and four assisted tackles. This week, Kerrigan will be matched up against a questionable offensive line that he may be able to take advantage of. Look for Kerrigan to make some plays and put up some fantasy numbers. 


Beanie Wells was tempting to put on this list, but with Barry Cofield now plugging up the middle for Washington, Wells could be a risky pick this week. Ahmad Bradshaw was only able to get 44 yards on 13 carries last week against the Redskins. 

With Daryl Washington's status up in the air, we have to take a wait and see approach. He is listed as questionable for the game, so the decision might be made right before kickoff as to whether or not he will see the field. If he plays, he is another intriguing fantasy option.