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Vegas Odds For Arizona Cardinals To Win Super Bowl Getting Better

It is one week into the 2011 NFL season, and the Arizona Cardinals are 1-0 after a 28-21 victory over the Carolina Panthers. As a result, Bodog in Vegas has begun changing the lines of these odds. The Arizona Cardinals now are tied to be the mostly likely NFC West to win the Super Bowl.

The final preseason odds had the Cardinals as having 60-1 odds to win the Super Bowl. Where did that line move to?

The Cardinals' odds are now 50-1. The San Francisco 49ers share 50-1 odds with the Cards. Not surprisingly, the Niners were the only other NFC West team to win in Week 1. 

Vegas is not very high on the Seattle Seahawks. After losing in Week 1 to San Fran, their odds moved from 125/1 to 150/1. Likewise, the Rams's odds went from 45-1 to 55-1, lining up just a little bit behind Arizona and SF. 

Since 'obviously' the Cards are going to be winning more games, it makes sense to get in there and do it. If you are the betting type, now would be better than later because the lines are certain to keep dropping. 

If you are into other bets, the latest from Bodog also has over/under lines for Chad Ochocinco and receptions (three) and Michael Vick touchdowns this week (1 1/2).

Other than the change in the odds for the Cardinals, there are no team or player prop bets available this week.