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Arizona Cardinals no longer undefeated, lose to Washington Redskins 22-21

The Cardiac Cards were back.

In a close game vs. Rex Grossman and the Washington Redskins, the Arizona Cardinals lost by 1 point despite a strong performance by Beanie Wells, Larry Fitzgerald, and others.

Hit the jump for details from the so-close, yet so-far game.


Several players had productive games, including Beanie Wells, who rushed for 93 yards, and a Touchdown, on 14 carries.  Throughout the game, every Cardinals fan in existence asked themselves, "Why aren't we rushing the ball more?".  That's a good question, considering on the drive after the Redskins scored the TD that put them 2 points behind the Cardinals, and with only a few minutes left in the game, the Cards managed to take 40 seconds off the clock.  That would end up hurting the Cardinals, as the Redskins came back to kick a game-winning FG.

Larry Fitzgerald also had an oustanding game, catching 7 passes for 133 yards and a TD.  He tied Roy Green for most TD's in Cardinals history (66), and Anquan Boldin for most 100-yard games in franchise history (33).  He had the most receptions and receiving yards out of any WR in the game.

Kevin Kolb had another strong outing, completing 17 of 30 passes for 251 yards, and 2 TD's.  He did throw an interception though, his first as a Cardinal, and was also sacked 3 times, although that wasn't entirely his fault (Yes, O-line, you get some blame too).  His performance was encouraging, though, because it shows we have a competent QB.

The time of possession for the Cardinals Offense was 21:30, while the Redskins had it for 38:20.  In other words: Yeah... Hopefully, the Offense can work on managing the clock more efficiently, because at this rate, the Defense is going to collapse from exhaustion.

The Cardinals travel to CenturyLink Field to take on the Seattle Seahawks.  A little optimism: The Redskins did defeat the Giants last week, and the Cardinals still kept the game close.  Hopefully, they can win next week, and go up 2-1.