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Arizona Cardinals/Washington Redskins Postgame Quotes and Thoughts

If last week was a comedy of errors, the Arizona Cardinals managed to quickly write the sequel, except this time it ended in tragedy, the 1st L of 2011, applied to a winnable game.

The defense struggled to contain the run. Tim Hightower had 96 yards on 20 carries. Roy Helu added another 74 rushing yards. When asked about the defensive play, Coah Whisenhunt had this to say, "Look at how the whole day went, we didn't slow them down. That's not good enough. That's something we've got to improve on."

The offense failed to move the ball as a unit in the first half. Kevin Kolb was hurried almost all day. Beanie Well was underutilized. When asked about it, Kolb said, "It's our own fault." 

And even with the poor play on both sides of the ball, the Cards were in it until the very end when Chansi Stuckey coughed up the ball with less than two minutes in the game. "You just don't want to let the team down, and that's what happened, said Stuckey.

And for a final quote of the day, from TE Jeff King, "This is a game that will haunt us, but, hopefully, we can learn something from it and string together something from it. Let's hope so, because the Cards are at the 0 -2 Seattle Seahawks next week, another prime opportunity.