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Vote For Bonehead Play Of the Game For Cardinals/Redskins

In the 22-21 loss that the Arizona Cardinals suffered on Sunday to the Washington Redskins, there were definitely plenty of plays that were not executed well. Had there been less, then obviously a one point loss would have been some sort of victory. However, that did not happen. So, instead of choosing the biggest bonehead play when the Cardinals win, we must do so while feeling the bitterness of disappointing defeat.

After last week's victory over the Carolina Panthers, the play that was voted the most boneheaded was the call the referees made on Richard Marshall for roughing the passer. It was the overwhelming favorite with 43 percent of the vote. The funny thing is that when we were criticized by other fans for criticizing the call, it turns out the NFL agreed as they did not fine Marshall for the hit, essentially saying it was a gaffe on the part of the refs.

So now you get to vote for what you believe was the biggest bonehead play during the Cards/'Skins game.

Unnecessary roughness penalty called on Kerry Rhodes

I never saw what Rhodes did, and maybe the flag was intended for Paris Lenon as he was the one mixing it up with Tim Hightower. If it was Rhodes, as it was called, it was really dumb on his part because he did not seem to be anywhere near the play. Additionally, it was when Washington was deep in Arizona territory and it extended the drive.

Kevin Kolb's interception

The Cardinals were driving and were almost in the red zone when Kolb forced a pass into traffic to Andre Roberts. Tweets say it was triple coverage, but it was actually only two defenders that were with Roberts and a third back further who came up to make the pick after the deflection. While it was not technically a failed red zone opportunity, it is the third time in two games that the offense failed to score any points after getting deep into opposing territory.

Kevin Kolb's intentional grounding penalty

As with most penalties, when Kolb just threw away the pass when he had not yet left the pocket, it was a mental error. If he simply rolls out a few more steps and makes the throw, no loss of yards.

Chansi Stuckey's fumble

I have to imagine that this will be the winner, as it came at the worst possible time. Arizona had one last drive to get down the field to be in at least field goal range to win the game. Instead, the drive died after one play. It would have been a first down, but Stuckey coughed up the ball, Washington recovered and the Cards were unable to run another offensive play.

Washington's calling time out while in victory formation

This almost was a terrific ending for the Cardinals. When you are trying to run down the clock with kneel-downs, the one thing you don't do is call time out, but the Redskins did exactly that. The result was having to punt, and, thanks to their punter, Patrick Peterson did not pull a DeSean Jackson and return a punt for a touchdown as time expires to win the game. And the truth is that had the punter not gotten him, Peterson had a seam and a lot of field in front of him.