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Cardinal Of The Week: Week Two

 (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)
(Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Welcome to the Cardinal of the Week poll for week two of the NFL Season. The Cardinals may have lost the game 21-22 to the Redskins, but there were a couple of people who played well and helped give the Cardinals a chance to win.

In last weeks poll, Kevin Kolb won with 41% of the 504 votes, and Daryl Washington was in second place with 36%.

Kevin Kolb - 17 of 30, 251 yards, 2 TD, Int

Kolb did not play as well as he did last week, but he still had a solid game even behind an offensive line that struggled to protect him for most of the game. He threw two Touchdowns and he bounced back well after an Interception that he forced into coverage. He also showed a lot of toughness on the 73 yard pass to Fitz where he took a huge shot as soon as he let the ball go. Over the first two weeks, Kolb has looked solid.

Beanie Wells - 14 carries, 93 yards, TD

The offense struggled throughout the first half after barely having the ball for most of the first two quarters, but at the half something changed and the offense started to move. That change was actually handing the ball to Beanie. Beanie only had something like three carries for six yards in the first half, then he went off on the Skins defense and he should have wound up with more than 14 carries. And I wish that he would have gotten to carry the ball more on that drive where the Cardinals had 5 minutes left in the game and they had to kill some time to help seal a win for Big Red.

Larry Fitzgerald - 7 catches, 133 yards, TD

Larry didn't get a lot of catches in week one, but he got catches and yards like 2008 Larry last night. He was able to make some more big catches, and he got wide open on that 73 yard Touchdown pass from Kolb. As he continues to work on his chemistry with Kolb, it is looking more and more like Larry could wind up with numbers like what he had in 2008 (95 catches, 1400+ yards, 10+ TDs).

Calais Campbell - 4 tackles, pass deflection, 2 QB hits, blocked field goal

I felt like I had to put someone on the Defense in this list, even though they struggled most of the players on the defense did make a few good plays such as batting down passes, Adrian Wilson and Richard Marshall each had an Interception, Campbell and Darnell Dockett got a few good shots off on Rex Grossman. But I decided to go with Campbell because he was in there making tackles, he got a few hits in on Grossman, he battted down a pass that also could have been picked off by one of the defenders, and he blocked a field goal which could have been a huge play for the Cardinals if they pulled this game out.

Darnell Dockett and Jeff King were also considered for this poll. If there is anyone else I should have thought of, mention it in the comments.

CotW Winners Wins
A.J. Jefferson 1
Darnell Dockett 1
Patrick Peterson 1
Richard Bartel 1
Kevin Kolb 1