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Bonehead Player/Play Of The Week: Who Gets Your Vote?

It's time for this week's edition of Bonehead Player/Play of the Week! There are plenty to choose from given that last night's game between the Arizona Cardinals and the Denver Broncos was chalk full of third and fourth string players trying to make the roster.

After the jump, I have put together a few specific things that I would like you to vote on. Let's crown a winner folks!

Richard Bartel's Interception:

While Bartel had a great game and possibly could have solidified his position as the #2 quarterback on the Cardinals roster, there was one play that was just plain awkward. Bartel decided that throwing a pass while running backwards would be a good idea. On top of that, he threw it off his back foot, which caused the ball to be drastically underthrown and it ended up in the other team's hands. It's something he can learn from, but it cannot be repeated during an actual regular season game.

Fred Bennett's Dropped Pick:

Fred Bennett is officially no longer a member of the Cardinals, but during the one game he played, he could have made a bigger impact. Tim Tebow practically threw a pass right at Bennett. All he had to do was jump up and catch the ball and it would have been an easy pick six. However, Bennett only managed to gets his hands on the ball and was unable to cause a turnover. These types of things can really hurt your chances of making the roster, so put some glue on your hands next time, Fred!

Hamza Abdullah's Helmet-to-Helmet Hit:

Oh, Hamza. We know that you have been hanging around Adrian Wilson a lot, so laying big hits on receivers has become part of your repertoire. It's not that we dislike seeing this, but try and keep your helmet from spearing into the opponent's head. Not only is it a fifteen yard penalty that can help the other team sustain a drive, but it's a big chunk out of your wallet. Sorry in advance for the letter you are going to receive from the NFL league offices, but it's great to see you playing with some passion!

Who does your vote go to fans? Any other bonehead plays that you think should be added to the list?