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NFL Power Rankings: Week Two Meltdown Causes Arizona Cardinals To Take A Fall

The Buffalo Bills have been a huge surprise so far this year, mainly due to the quarterback play of Ryan Fitzpatrick.
The Buffalo Bills have been a huge surprise so far this year, mainly due to the quarterback play of Ryan Fitzpatrick.

SB Nation released their weekly NFL power rankings yesterday and needless to say, our Arizona Cardinals stumbled down the list a bit. There wasn't a ton of movement on the charts, but as always, there were a few surprises. 

After the jump, I'll give you my biggest shockers based on this list and tell you what I think of where the Cardinals are currently at. 

Arizona is now at 21 out of the 32 total teams in the league. People are starting to have doubts about the St. Louis Rams so they are now one spot behind the Cardinals at 22. This makes sense due to the difficult schedule the Rams must endure, whereas the Cardinals have a relatively easy schedule. 

But who would have thought that by week 3, the Buffalo Bills would be in the top half of the league? The Bills currently sit at 11 in the power rankings and I believe that is completely justified. Buffalo beat a struggling Chiefs team on the road in week one and then proceeded to make a comeback victory at home against the Raiders. Well done Ryan Fitzpatrick, you are headed to a very lucrative contract. 

The Philadelphia Eagles sitting in the nine slot is also surprising, but I feel that is warranted due to the uncertainty surrounding Michael Vick. If he's not healthy, their team is not going to win too many games. Maybe trading Kevin Kolb was the wrong choice, eh Andy? 

I feel bad for Todd Haley and Steve Breaston, but their team is pretty much sunk. The Kansas City Chiefs recently lost their best player in Jamaal Charles to a season ending ACL injury and it's not looking like they'll be turning that ship around anytime soon. They sit at dead last in the power rankings, even below the lowly Colts

In terms of the Cardinals, if they win in Seattle this weekend (which I fully expect them to do), they may see a rise back into somewhere between the 16-18 position. With a terrible offense that can't move the ball and a subpar defense, there is no reason the Cardinals should lose this game. 

Keep an eye out for a post later in the week detailing what the Cardinals need to do against Seattle in order to come away with a victory.