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Arizona Cardinals Play-Calling: The Team Wants To Run, So Why Not Do So?

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Ken Whisenhunt spoke with the media yesterday and during his time speaking with them, he took questions regarding the lack of carries Beanie Wells has received so far this season. 

Whiz knows people want to see Beanie get more snaps, but he said in his presser that, "there's other things that are going on that fall into it that you have to take into consideration." 

Beanie is currently averaging 5.7 yards per game, which is good for seventh in the NFL. Kevin Kolb has stated that he would like more of the responsibility placed into Beanie's hands and that running allows the Cardinals to, "impose their will." 

Well, coming out of the gates running would make sense, but against the Washington Redskins, the team really didn't start running the ball until the second half. In fact, there were a total of six rushing yards in the first half. 

Whiz also stated this:

"We had opportunities in that (Redskins) game and we didn't execute."    

I think that's the whole problem. It seems to me that once the running game loses a little steam, it feels like it gets abandoned all together. The team was not down by an extraordinary amount, so the excuse that we had to play to catch up is not viable. Also, the offensive line is built to run, with porous pass protectors like Levi Brown specializing in run blocking. Taking any pressure off that unit the team can through running is in their best interest. 

Beanie also looks to be ready to take over the run game by himself and he has worked hard at finishing runs and making run plays that look like losses into positive gains. So what's the hold up Whiz? Your QB wants it, your halfback wants it, your O-line wants it and your fans want it. Let's pound the rock. 

What's your opinion fans? Why do you think the team favors passing the ball? Do you think it should stay that way?