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Sporting News Magazine Seeking Fan Questions For Calais Campbell Interview

The Sporting News magazine will be interviewing Arizona Cardinals defensive end Calais Campbell next Tuesday and is looking for a little help from the fans. Since we are the biggest community of Cardinals fans, it would make sense to come to us. 

Here's how it works. If you want to send Calais a question about anything, on or off the field, send an email to He will take all the questions you have and then ask Calais. If your question is chosen for publishing, it will appear in the magazine. This is what Ryan emailed me in the way of an explanation:

If we pick their question/answer for the magazine, they'll get their name printed along with their question. What types of questions are we looking for? They can ask about anything they want, on or off the field. The more nuanced, the better. Knowledgeable questions that will lead to smart, funny answers are the goal.

You know what to do. Have at it.