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Beanie Wells Listed With Hamstring Injury, Status Unknown For Sunday

With an already depleted running back position for the Arizona Cardinals, it appears that starter Beanie Wells has injured his hamstring. He was listed on the injury report after Thursday's practice in Tempe. Whether he will be able to play on Sunday against the Seattle Seahawks is still unknown, and as the team is traveling to Seattle tomorrow, we probably won't know anything more until Sunday when the inactive list is released.

After it looked in the offseason like the running back position would be one great strength in depth, things have drastically changed. Tim Hightower was traded and Ryan Williams went down with a season-ending injury. LaRod Stephens-Howling has a cast on his hand and now Beanie was limited in practice.

Behind Beanie is Chester Taylor, who has been with the team only three weeks, LSH (hurt) and Alfonso Smith, who has yet to get a carry.

Considering the discussion and debate about the Cardinals and their playcalling, I suppose now would be the time to pull out the snarky comments about how we don't even need a running back, as Ken Whisenhunt will only call pass plays anyway.

If he is to be limited at all during the game, it should be noted that Seattle's run defense has been pretty solid. There may not be a need to do anything drastic.

Others might see it as a chance to feed Smith the ball and at least see what he can do. Perhaps they might use fullback Anthony Sherman in the running game. I doubt it, but why not?

Since we don't know much else, let's sit tight and see what happens before we go crazy.

What we can still do, though, is discuss what we all think should happen if by chance Beanie cannot shoulder a full load.