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Newcomer Jaymar Johnson Already Fitting In With Cardinals Teammates

It was just a few days ago that the Arizona Cardinals signed receiver Jaymar Johnson to their practice squad. I know I had never heard of him and I really would have no idea if he had known any of his new teammates. 

If he didn't, he is already apparently fitting in a bit. He was hanging out with fellow receiver Andre Roberts somewhere where there are trampolines. Jaymar, as we will learn, is a better flipper than 'Dre.


If you couldn't tell, Jaymar is the first one. 

Anyway, the reason I share this is because I think it shows something about the team. In the way of team chemistry, there is something there that wasn't a year ago. The players seem to be really tight with one another. Jaymar has only been with the team a couple of days and is already hanging out with guys. He literally made it into Phoenix on Friday.

I for one like to see it. If there is one thing that is nice, it is feeling welcome in a new environment. Apparently the Cardinals have that going for them. They seem to genuinely like one another.