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Clark Haggans' 'Misconduct' Should Not Lead To Suspension

The earlier Yahoo Sports report that revealed that Arizona Cardinals linebacker Clark Haggans could be subject to a suspension based on the NFL personal conduct policy had been cleared up. Haggans was named as one of eight players that might be suspended because of things they had do done during the lockout.

Haggans' agent clarified that it was no serious offense and that the league has not been in contact with him regarding a possible suspension.

It turns out that he was on the list because of a traffic violation for speeding. He was cited for speeding when leaving a concert to attend to a family emergency.

It was a shock that he was even on the list because he has never been connected to anything unlawful in the past. We can immediately cast away some of the speculation that out was related to performance enhancing drugs. To start, the report was referring to the personal conduct policy and not performance enhancers.

Commissioner Roger Goodell has made it his goal to clean up the off the field issues related to player conduct, but has been criticized by many -- especially by players. If Haggans ends up suspended as a result of a speeding ticket, then we should all be with the players in not supporting the commissioner's crusade.