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Cardinals vs. Seahawks Post Game Wrap Up

Looking at the box score you would think it was something that would have happened in our 2010 season. Sadly it's 2011. So far this season it's been our defense that has struggled, today it was the offense.


The game started slow and stayed that way throughout with both offenses struggling to generate any offense. The story of the game is the normally rock solid Jay Feely missing two field goals of 49 and 51 which not only cost us a tie, but a possible victory. 

The defense played well totaling of 4 sacks, 7 TFL's and 1 INT, with 2.5 sacks and 2 TFL's coming from Calais Campbell who had a very good game overall. 

Patrick Peterson recorded his first career INT in a junk throw at the end of the quarter.

Kolb was accurate throughout the day but made two bad decisions against a normally shaky secondary that ultimately cost us the game. Each INT came in the closing minutes of each half when we were moving the ball well. 

On the bright side, Larry Fitzgerald did what he does best catching a franchise best 67th TD overcoming Roy Green's previous record.