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Arizona Cardinals/Seattle Seahawks Postgame Quotes and Thoughts

Ugly. Like two overweight 30 + year old men duking it out on the Jerry Springer show over something not worth the fight. That's what the game between the Arizona Cardinals and the Seattle Seahawks provided today. And now at 1-2, the Cards are 3rd in the NFC West.

The Cards offense was inept. Kevin Kolb through more picks than TDs. The OL could not stop the Hawks rush. The Cards run game was anemic with the subtraction of Beanie Wells. The D was gashed for 100 + YDS again. 3 games into the season and the Cards find themselves behind the 8 ball already as they continually find ways to give winnable games away.

Although the Defense showed better today than they did in the first two games, holding the Hawks to less than 300 YDS, they were not able to stop Tavaris Jackson when it counted. Clark Haggans had this to say, "The stinky part is that statistically we did better but it's all about the wins and losses."

74 YDS. That's what the Cardinals managed between Chester Taylor and Alfonso Smith. Taylor did more dancing than running, and it showed as he managed 2.5 YDS a carry. Combine that with Kolb's overall lack of ball security, 2 INT 1 fumble and the offense fell apart. Kolb had this to say, "I am disappointed in myself and our offense. We-I-was not very good today." 

Coach Whisenhunt had this to say about his team's performance towards the end of the game. "That's two weeks in a row we had the ball in our hands with a chance to do something, and we weren't able to execute." He's right. A lack of execution. Twice, against teams in games that were considered winnable. But the bad part of this entire equation is that the Cards are not dominating teams, that games are close to the finish. Up next are the New York Giants at home. Before the season started, I called this game a win. But I also said that about the Washington Redskins game, and this game today. 

Kolb says the right things, and takes blame. But in the end the only thing that matters is the W or the L. And with Kolb in mind, I leave you with this last Kolb quote and thought in mind. "You've got to sock it away and learn from it, but this one is hard to swallow." 

Class has been in session for three weeks guys. 1/3 = 33%. You're flunking.