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Vote For Arizona Cardinals/Seattle Seahawks Bonehead Play Of The Game

So, the game is done. The Arizona Cardinals vs the Seattle Seahawks battle has concluded. A battle of (Two overly uninspiring teams. It's a shame there can't be 2 L's given.) two NFL teams. 13 to 10. And to quote Jess Root from last week, "So, instead of choosing the biggest bonehead play when the Cardinals win, we must do so while feeling the bitterness of disappointing defeat."

After last week's loss to the Washington Redskins, the play that was voted the most boneheaded was the fumble by Chansi Stuckey. It took 65% percent of the vote. During the last drive of the game for the Cards, it was the final nail in the coffin.

So now you get to vote for what you believe was the biggest bonehead play during the Cards/Hawks game.

The two missed FG attempts by Jay Feely

Sure it's Seattle, sure it's windy up there in an open stadium. You get paid for this. Push one through and this game goes to overtime. Push both, and the Cards go him with a W, 16 - 13. Instead they go home with another L.

Sack at about 6 minutes left in the 4th quarter that pushed them to a 49 YD FG attempt, Kevin Kolb and Brandon Keith

One man held the ball too long. The other pushed the defender and concluded he was done. Shame on both of you. Kolb is hit from behind and goes down. This pushed the Cards back and created a 49 YD FG attempt.

Kevin Kolb interception with less than 2 minutes to go in the 4th quarter.

Kam Chancellor read the play well, but this one is on Kolb. He forced the ball to Larry Fitzgerald rather than taking the shorter route.

The trick punt return play with 51 seconds left. Patrick Peterson and A.J. Jefferson

If and buts. If it had been perfectly executed, this might have worked, but we'll never know. Peterson lobbed to ball to Jefferson, and the play was broken up by Kam Chancellor.

Andre Roberts last catch and run to middle of field.

You have 30 seconds or less on the clock. You have 1 timeout and are down 3. The sidelines can stop the clock. So what do you do? Run towards the middle of the field, and then cough the ball up when you get hit. By the time the scrum is done, the clock reads 0:00, game over.

And as a bonus, since it really wasn't a 'play'

Whis/Miller, whichever was responsible for putting them back into a huddle up attack.

I know Fitz said, and I agree with him, "We have to be able to execute our base package." However, you also have to be able to adapt or die. The base package wasn't getting it done, and in the end, it cost a W.