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5 Positives From Arizona Cardinals/Seattle Seahawks Week 3 Contest

You could definitely make the case that there couldn't possibly be anything positive that could come out of the 13-10 loss that the Arizona Cardinals suffered to the Seattle Seahawks at CenturyLink Field in Seattle. However, in the grand scheme of things, it really wasn't a season-ending loss. Looking from a big picture perspective, it was a divisional loss on the road, something that happens a lot across the league. 

It certainly feels like crap, but I did find some things we can look at positively after that game. 

Alfonso Smith: We had yet seen him on the field, but he was one positive I could find. As opposed to Chester Taylor, who looked like he had no idea where he should go once the ball was in his hands, Smith had a few good plays. He got 17 carries (more than Beanie Wells last week!) and rushed for 54 yards. He had several good rushes and also hauled in three receptions. It was solid production from a guy who was number four on the depth chart.

The first half pass pass rush: The pass rush looked good -- in the first half. They got to Tavaris Jackson four time, especially Calais Campbell, who had a career-high 2.5. The second half was a different story, of course. 

The overall defensive play: Granted it was against the Seattle Sehawks, who was one of the worst statistical offenses in the league, but the defense only allowed 293 yards of total offense. After allowing the touchdown drive Seattle had with their first possession of the second half, the defense forced four three-and-outs in four drives. The other drive was one first down before they punted. 

Penalties: This is a bit of a reach as a positive, but the Cardinals only picked up two penalties all game, especially notable considering how CenturyLInk Field is known for causing penalties. 

A.J. Jefferson in the return game: With LaRod Stephens-Howling out, the return game didn't lose a beat with Jefferson back there returning kicks. His size and agility make him even more dynamic to watch. He had a 51-yarder he ripped off that gave the Cards great field position. And while he flubbed the pass back from Patrick Peterson, he still made it exciting (it was a punt return). Had he caught the ball initially, there was a good chance he would have made something happen. The difference this year is that it doesn't look like there is anything lost in the return game when there is an injury. Last year the dropoff was significant.

It felt like it was a stretch to come up with five positive. Is there anything I missed?