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Five Positives from the Arizona Cardinals/Seattle Seahawks Week Three Game

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As Mike Sando often says in his blog, with every defeat there is a silver lining. While after two consecutive loses this season and a 9th consecutive loss on the road dating back to last season, it is hard to find much to be positive about. 

Yet despite the pit in our stomachs, we march on hoping to see our team improve and finally get over the post-Warner hump.

Calais Campbell: Campbell had a great day in Seattle registering 2.5 sacks, 10 tackles, 6 solo, 2 TFL's and 4 QB's pressure. At one point the in the game Travaris Jackson had to roll to his right almost an entire series to avoid the pressure Campbell was bringing. Russel Okung struggled to block him all game. Hopefully this is a sign of things to come from Calais Campbell and Ray Horton's defense.

Special Teams: You know you had a bad game when you name special teams as a positive. Dave Zastudil had a strong game averaging 41.2 yards a punt with 0 touch backs.

Leon Washington averaged a measley 14.5 yards on kick returns, but did fair a little better on punts with a 9 yard average on two returns. This may not sound like much, but Washington is a dangerous returner and we made him ineffective all game.

Defensive effort: While the defense did struggle a bit on third down, overall we held the Seahawks at home to only 13 points. While it seemed Jackson had a strong day, a quick look at his stats say otherwise. He was 18/31 with 171 yards and 1 junk time INT. Finally we held a QB under 200 passing yards and a weak 5.5 yard per pass average. It's small victory but a victory non-the-less. Overall we kept the Seahawks from eclipsing 300 yards of total offense.

Penalties: For the first time this season, penalties were not an issue. Throughout the entire game we only had 2 penalties at the stadium dubbed "False Start Field." Levi Brown had none. Let me repeat that, Levi Brown did not false start the entire game. After a loss like this, it's the small things that keep us going.

Larry Fitzgerald: Our 120 million dollar man again showed why he one of the best in the business reeling in a historic TD over two defenders in classic Fitzgerald fashion. While Fitzgerald didn't have the strongest game, he did pass Roy Green on the Arizona Cardinals All-Time TD list with a career total of 67 TD's. 

Next game is the New York Giants at home. Hopefully we can right the ship with a win at home.