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Monday Night Football Open Thread

This Monday night game features the Washington Redskins and Dallas Cowboys. If you are an long time Cards fan, you might remember that these games were almost as important for the Cardinals as their own games because back long ago, the Cardinals were part of the NFC East.

Tonight the Rex Grossman show go to Jerryland to play the Dallas Cowboys. Both teams are fresh off of victories against the our own NFC West. The 'Skins squeaked out a 22-21 win  over the Cardinals and Tony Romo, punctured lung, cracked rib and all led the Cowboys to an overtime victory over the 49ers.

Cardinals fans were left to wonder how any outcome could be good, as plenty of hate and dislike are had for both the Niners and the 'Boys.

Since, it is the only football game on tonight, hit the jump and join your football brothers (and sisters somewhere) for some football talk.

As always, remember to avoid personal attacks, try to hold back on the language (even though I am lax on language in open threads) and rec good comments.  It won't be for the highlight post, but it is good community idea to be recognized when you post something positively viewed.