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NFL Trade Rumors: Arizona Cardinals Make Offer For Seahawks Linebacker Aaron Curry

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In the 2009 draft, the Seattle Seahawks took Aaron Curry, a linebacker from Wake Forest, with the fourth overall pick. Now, Curry has been benched in favor of rookie K.J. Wright due to lack of performance and the Seahawks don't seem to want him around anymore.

It has been rumored that Seattle would look for a trade partner in order to dump Curry after already restructuring his contract in the off-season. According to Rich Smith, a rather reliable source when it comes to the NFL and the transactions that go on, the Cardinals have already submitted an offer for Curry.

Smith (@ALLsportsINTEL) had this to say on Twitter yesterday:

"BREAKING NFL UPDATE - Sources report Eagles & Cardinals have made offers to Seahawks for LB Aaron Curry, Giants, Chiefs, Panthers interested."

What the Cardinals have offered is unknown, but it would likely be a mid-to-late round pick. It has been said that Seattle would like a third round pick. This tells us a lot of things about the Cardinals' intentions.

The team is obviously unhappy with the pass rush production they are getting out of their current outside linebackers and they must believe that Curry would be able to make a difference. A switch from the 4-3 defense to the 3-4 could be a welcomed change for the unproductive linebacker.

Would Curry come in to take the spot of one of the veterans? That seems unlikely. Both Joey Porter and Clark Haggans have played decently so far this year, so to say that a young, inexperienced and so far unproductive player would take one of those spots is a stretch. That makes me wonder if perhaps the organization is not liking the way O'Brien Schofield and Sam Acho are progressing.

Since the Seahawks are in the same division as the Cardinals, I doubt a deal like this would get done. Seattle would hate to see such a big investment turn around and hurt them twice a year. I also doubt that Arizona would be willing to part with a third round pick, especially after already giving up a second rounder in the Kevin Kolb deal. It sounds a bit pricey to begin with for such a questionable player.

With only a total of 3.5 sacks last year, Curry's time in Emerald City could be running out. So I pose this question to the community: would you like to see the Cardinals acquire Aaron Curry for a draft pick?