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NFL Week 3, Arizona Cardinals/Seattle Seahawks: Who Gets The Cardinals Game Ball?

In a game in which the overall feeling was "Ugh!" there were not many bright spots. In fact, different than last week, where there were a few nominations for the week's game ball, there was a unanimous pick for the game ball. Hit the jump to see who the whole writing team nominated and why.

Tyler Nickel:

Calais Campbell gets my game ball of the week for the 5 solo and 5 assisted tackles he had against the Seahawks. Most importantly, CC was able to register 2.5 sacks on Tarvaris Jackson and he caused havoc in the backfield throughout the game. It seemed like the only thing he didn't do was create a turnover, but I am sure that will come soon enough.


Calais Campbell. 2.5 sacks, several nice stops on the run game. The defense overall did a solid job led by Campbell.


Calais Campbell: Overall I just thought he had the best game. He made a bunch of tackles, and even on three or four man rush plays he was able to be the guy that was getting pressure on Tarvaris Jackson. He even set a career high with 2.5 sacks. There are many reasons that the Cardinals lost, but the play of Campbell is not one of them.

Joe Zuppa:

Definitely Calais Campbell. Defense mostly played well and Calais made a lot of those plays.


Even though the entire game was a complete disaster, the Defense played decent, and on the Defense, Calais Campbell was great, so he gets the gameball. He put pressure on Tarvaris Jackson all day, and even got 2 sacks. Hopefully the rest of the defense decides to play like him next week.


My game ball also goes to Calais Campbell. His presence was felt all day. They were unable to block him without double teaming him, and those two sacks were huge. It makes me think what could happen if we put a few more 4-3 packages in the defensive scheme to allow CC more ability to get to the QB.


I don't think I can give the game ball to anybody else other than Calais Campbell. He was a force getting to the QB and in general just disrupting what the Hawks were trying to do on offense. He was also one of the few Cards defenders that had a successful day against the ground game too.


This was not an easy week to hand out the game ball.

Larry Fitzgerald broke the Cards receiving TD record, but he was ineffective for most of the day. A.J. Jefferson looked sharp returning kick offs, and almost broke one, but still not worth a game ball.

That leaves Calais Campbell, who had the best showing on a poor day. 2.5 sacks, quarterback hurries. I'm getting on the Campbell bus for the week.

Jess Root:

Can you go wrong with Calais? He set a single-game career high with 2.5 sacks. He had 10 tackles from the defensive line. Double digit tackles is what you hope out of your linebackers and he was getting ball carriers down before they got even to them.


Maybe next week, after a win at home against the G-Men we can have some actual variety!