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ESPN's Ron Jaworski Gives High Praise To Beanie Wells

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It was last Friday, but because of game coverage, we never got to it. But ESPN analyst Ron Jaworski was on the local radio waves, talking to Burns and Gambo on Arizona Sports 620. He talked about Beanie Wells and how much better he has become. He went as far as to say that he is "is now one of the outstanding running backs in the National Football League" and that "there's no question" that the Cardinals should get him the ball more.

Of course, the timing of the interview did not work out because Beanie hurt his hamstring, which kept him out of the game Sunday against the Seattle Seahawks

Perhaps the one thing that stands out most with the interview and Jaws' assessment of Beanie is his improvement in pass blocking. "I saw some outstanding blitz pick-ups and that takes time," Jaworski said. "I'm seeing Beanie now stick his head in there and taking linebackers on and giving Kolb time to throw the football."

We have seen the improvement in Beanie this year and have been openly questioning why he has not been getting the ball more. 

We also recall the last time "Jaws" was on and assessed a Cardinals player. He turned out to be dead on, although he took a lot of grief for it. Jaworski last discussed Max Hall. Fans were in an uproar about how he said that the skillset was simply not there. It turns out that reality set it and we all realized the same thing.

We would all like to see this second assessment be just as accurate and have Beanie blossom much like Darren McFadden has for the Oakland Raiders

The one knock he has left still is haunting him, and that is his toughness/fragility. Fans wonder why he cannot stay healthy. Of course, do Houston Texans fans ask the same thing about Arian Foster, who has also been hampered with a hamstring injury?

Before missing the game against the Seahawks, Beanie was on pace for a really solid season. Hopefully he comes back healthy against the New York Giants and continues with the same pace.