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Kevin Kolb Getting Advice From Michael Vick

The Arizona Cardinals are set to play the New York Giants on Sunday at home. The Philadelphia Eagles are coming off a loss to those same Giants. Kevin Kolb used to play for the Eagle. So what naturally happens? They talk.

Kevin Kolb was on XTRA910 talking to Bickley and MJ and said that he talked to Vick about the Giants.

Is this a good thing? I say absolutely. If Kolb can get a tip or two from Vick, great. 

Of course, will Vick's advice be any good? After all, the Eagles did lose to the Giants. 

Naturally there is nothing wrong with this. 

The only thing that would cause concern is if the two meet up and talk game plans in November when the Eagles and Cardinals face off like in the old days of being in the NFC East. 

Just to throw it out there -- is there anyone that has a problem with Kolb still being chummy and talking to Mike Vick about the opponent they are about to face?