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Recognizing ROTB's Boldest Fans

The Guiness Boldest Fans series concludes with this recognition of the blog's boldest fan/s. This is where I have a hard time. We are all Arizona Cardinals fans. There are some here in the community that have been around since the start, some that come and go, depending on the football season, and there are many newcomers.

Since I have been on board active since February, I almost feel inadequate recognizing a member in particular.

Nonetheless, I wish to recognize a few, for different reasons. Our boldest community members are:

KDean75: He is a long-timer from the days of CGolden. He also has been one to stand up for the blog and the team, sometimes a little too strongly. We have had our differences as well, but he is certainly one of our boldest here at ROTB.

khodder: He gets recognition just for being the most displaced I know of. He has been an active user and poster and now is even part of the "front page" team.

AZRetiree: I was not around for his posts last season, but his reputation precedes him. He disappeared (as a few of us did) during the offseason. He has never been shy about sharing his thoughts on the Cardinals and especially their staff.

Cardsfan928: He has not been around for a bit, but he was one of the more vocal posters during the lockout, which earns him props. He was the anti-Kolb guy and was adamant about it. Bold posts, bold fan, but truly a Cardinals fan.

I would mention so many more, but I would have to write volumes. You guys are all great. Thanks for sticking with me and, more importantly, with the team and the blog.